Makerly Duarte

Executive Support Manager


Makerly came to the firm in 2020 with a diverse background that spans the worlds of finance, entrepreneurship, and leadership, Makerly brings a unique perspective to her role. Prior to her tenure at Strategic Health Care, she honed her managerial skills while successfully running her own salon and serving as a head teller at Citibank.

Makerly’s dedication to professional growth is evident through her participation in Citibank’s leadership development program, where she completed business and HR courses to enhance her skills. She also expanded her knowledge base by pursuing business courses at Southern New Hampshire University.
In her current role as Executive Support Manager, Makerly Duarte exemplifies the perfect blend of business acumen, leadership prowess, and a passion for healthcare advocacy. Her multifaceted background and commitment to excellence make her an indispensable pillar of the Strategic Health Care team.

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