The Critical Access Hospital Coalition is a consortium of innovative health care leaders representing Critical Access Hospital (CAH) facilities across the country. As the Coalition grows, we continue to exclusively focus on important issues impacting CAHs. The CAH Coalition’s sole purpose is to assist policy makers in understanding the unique needs of CAHs so that high quality health care is sustained in rural communities.

The CAH Coalition advises policy makers on the needs of CAHs to ensure resources are available for rural health care for generations to come. We work with members to develop proactive solutions, determine best practices, and advocate on behalf of CAHs and the communities they serve.

More than 80 rural hospitals have closed since 2010, and the most recent projections from the National Rural Health Association indicate that 673 additional facilities are vulnerable to closure. With 1 out of 5 people living in rural areas, CAHs serve a vital role in the health of their communities.

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The JMG Group, LLC brings over 30 years of operational, management, administrative, analytical, government affairs, military and VA healthcare business development experience to its clients.

Connecting the veterans and TRICARE beneficiaries to networks of community-based health providers:

  • Across 16 states
  • Covering 778 counties
  • Caring for 2.5 million veterans
  • Registering 4800 + health providers
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The Root Cause Coalition is a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing the root causes of health disparities by focusing on hunger and other social determinants.

The coalition’s membership is dedicated to bringing the full power of health care to bear in our collective fight to address the short- and long-term health of our communities. Our diverse membership — from nationally known nonprofits to small business and community organizations — recognizes that no one sector can address the full breadth of the social determinants ravaging the health of our people.

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