Turning Government Programs into Health Care Business Strategies

The federal government is providing significant new opportunities certain to impact your bottom line. It is also spewing an avalanche of new regulations that will also impact your business operations – for good and bad. Our firm is working with health systems across the country, making a difference to their success.


Health Policy & Advocacy

Strategic Health Care ensures that your organization is at the forefront of legislative, regulatory, and policy changes. To be an advocate at all levels for your clients and industry, to educate elected and public officials, and to monitor the landscape takes time, expertise, and relationships.

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icon-itCare Coordination & Navigation IT Solutions

CivicHealth, offers a cloud-based and streamlined application that is customizable to your work flows as your value-based programs grow and change. It allows care coordination between clinical and community providers in order to achieve better patient outcomes at lower costs.

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icon-userCoalition Management

We provide turn-key coalition management services including information for legislative visits, professional news, grow your membership base, support the board of directors, coordinate conferences, and manage day-to-day operations.

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Federal Grants

An unparalleled success rate working with dozens of health care organizations securing funding for programs, equipment & research.

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Managed Care Contracting

We optimize your revenue streams by determining if your organization is well positioned with each payor and define the steps necessary to improve your payor relationships.

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Provider Network Development

We help acute and post acute organizations develop and implement networks that use market strength to negotiate contracts, improve health outcomes and control costs.

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Value-Based Payment Models

Our partner, APM Plus, can analyze your capabilities to move from volume to value-based payment, develop financial risk/benefit modeling, provide a detailed roadmap to achieve success in the appropriate model, and more.

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VA & Military Health Services

We offer expertise in areas of operations, management, data analytics, military and VA healthcare business development to determine if your organization is ready to expand coverage to veterans and TRICARE beneficiaries.

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