Veteran Affairs & Military Health Services


High quality health care services for veterans, active duty military, retirees, and their dependents

As a community based health system, you have the opportunity to increase access to high quality health care services for veterans, active duty military, retirees, and their dependents. The VA and the TRICARE program relies on a network of community based providers for specialty care services as well as to improve access to health care services for our veterans, active duty military, and their families. Strategic Health Care can help your organization determine what it would mean if you increased access to services to veterans and TRICARE beneficiaries, and whether it makes smart business sense for you.

Our VA-TRICARE Health Services team will provide:

Detailed Data Analysis

To determine the number of TRICARE beneficiaries and veterans who may be eligible for your system’s services and their diagnoses


Support in resolving outstanding payment issues with the VA

Management Solutions

Solutions that will result in more referrals, faster payment, and stronger business relationships with prime contractors

Insights from Prime Contractors

Insights from the VA and TRICARE prime contractors on current and future interests, operating metrics, and goals for your service area

Our expertise in areas of operations, management, data analytics, and military and VA healthcare business development will allow you to expand your reach and serve a population of our finest citizens.
Develop Provider Networks

Leadership in developing provider networks, ensuring network capacity, and improving existing network reliability, resulting in lower wait times and increased access to health care services

We will help design a VA and TRICARE service line strategy that:

Meets the health care needs of veterans, active-duty military, retirees & dependents
Bridges the gap between the VA, payers & community based providers
Fosters an easy referral system for veterans
Ensures seamless compliant communication & data transfer with the VA and TRICARE

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