Health Policy & Advocacy


Health care & government affairs go hand-in-hand

The ability to successfully navigate this ever-changing landscape ultimately determines the successes or failures of your health care organization. Every aspect of your operations, both direct care and administrative actions, can be linked directly to legislation, regulation, or broader health policy trends. Some actions are governed at the state or local level and others at the federal. To be an advocate at all levels for your clients and industry, to educate elected and public officials, and to monitor the landscape takes time, expertise, and relationships.

Partnering with our team of Health Policy and Advocacy experts provides access to:

Research, analysis, and development of health care policy, legislation, and regulation
Experts to guide you in planning and adjusting business strategies to operationalize the ever-changing landscape of health care delivery
“Eyes and ears” at the state and Federal levels to identify and alert you to legislative opportunities and challenges
Guidance to help develop and nurture relationships with public agencies and elected officials
Support for the creation and implementation of grassroots advocacy efforts that identify and advance your organization’s strategic priorities
Comprehensive consultative and technical assistance to identify issues, resolve problems, improve services, and engage your constituents
Front line advocacy on your behalf
Strategic Health Care’s expertise in areas of operations, management, data analytics, and military and VA healthcare business development will allow you to expand your reach and serve a population of our finest citizens.

Through Strategic Health Policy and Advocacy and Team you will:

Strategically plan for the future with a comprehensive understanding of health care legislation at both the state and federal levels
Develop and deepen your relationships with leading elected officials and policy makers
Influence regulations and laws that affect the way you do business

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