Care Coordination & Navigation IT Solutions


Better patient outcomes at lower costs

Coordinating services with other community providers in order to achieve better patient outcomes at lower costs is the focus of today’s consumers, payors, and regulatory agencies. Your organization has a mission, vision, and plan that align with the focus but you are unsure of how to manage the effort while also measuring and reporting your progress along the way. CivicHealth, a Strategic Health Care partner, has a digital technology platform that can help you manage complex yet necessary partnerships in care.

The CivicHealth Advantage brings you a cloud-based technology that provides:

Care Coordination

Care coordination and management connecting services across the community including hospitals, physicians, clinics, pharmacies, social service agencies, and other care providers

Electronic Medical Records

An interface with electronic medical records through standard protocols and the ability to move data in a seamless and automated manner

HIPAA- Compliant Portals

The tracking of services and sharing of patient data with clinical providers through HIPAA-compliant portals

Numerous Community Resources

A working link with heating and cooling assistance programs (LIHEAP), grocery and nutrition programs, rent assistance, Veteran’s programs and numerous additional resources across a community

Health Referrals

Behavioral health and substance abuse referral and tracking

Manage & Track Services

A method for communities to manage services provided and track them through completion while providing real time financial information

Resource Directory

For the population and maintenance of a community-wide partner “Resource Directory” for client referrals

Pre-Screening of Clients

The ability to add eligibility requirements for services offered within the community so you can pre-screen clients for programs prior to referral

Track, Record & Report Outcomes

A tool for tracking, recording, and reporting outcomes related to the Social Determinants of Health

Transition of Care

Assistance with Transition of Care

The CivicHealth cloud-based and streamlined application empowers providers to achieve better patient outcomes and greater financial value. The CivicHealth application is flexible and can be customized to your workflow as your Value Based programs grow and change.

With Strategic Health Care & CivicHealth you will:

Implement a tool to measure outcomes
Meet the goal of “right care, right place, right time”
Develop effective collaborative partnerships with other community providers
Find a solution designed to improve the quality of care you provide at a lower cost

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