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Government Initiatives that Impact Your Business

The federal government is providing significant new opportunities certain to impact your bottom line. It is also spewing an avalanche of new regulations that will also impact your business operations – for good and bad. Our firm is working with health systems across the country, making a difference to their success.

Government Forecasting

Where is the government going? How will it impact you? How is CMS reconfiguring post acute care payments? What is MedPAC saying about hospital outpatient services and why should you care? Our health policy team works with hospitals and venture capital investors across the country providing insights and analysis that better enables executives to plan and adjust their business strategies.

Cutting Edge Analysis

Our team regularly reviews with you the government’s initiatives – putting them into perspective for your leadership team and line managers alike. We focus our attention on the issues that matter most to your organization. Our financial analysis and modeling capabilities can give you an edge in determining the impact of government proposals.

Federal Representation on Issues Impacting Your Health System

Has CMS sent you a threatening letter about a reimbursement issue? Do you need help on a regulatory matter? Is a new regulation raising serious concerns? Do you need to show your physicians your active support on an issue affecting them? We are well prepared to leverage our relationships with CMS and Congress to address payment and compliance issues and develop communications strategies that support your position publicly.

Regulatory Impact

When CMS issues a proposed regulation, what does it mean to you? Our policy team examines all major regulations coming from CMS. We summarize those that are important to you, help you develop strategies to address the changes, and prepare communication tools to advocate your position.

Monthly Conference Call and Follow Up

Our team of health policy and government relations experts discuss the latest issues, political developments, and our analysis of each with your team in interactive sessions. We prepare a detailed written agenda prior to the call and send frequent email updates on the issues that matter to you most.

Site Visits

Our team members come to your campus to hold more in-depth discussions with selected staff, including physicians, about your key and emerging issues. At your request, we are well prepared to present the latest on health care reform to trustees, physicians, hospital management and the public.

Leadership Visits to D.C.

We will orchestrate regular visits to D.C. for your executives and board members to meet with your elected officials, key staff, and selected agency staff. We arm you with solid messages to quickly communicate about the issues that are important to your system and favorably position your approach with the federal government.

Identify Federal Funding Opportunities

We will continuously work to identify any federal funding opportunities that may benefit your system. We will provide you with new opportunities as they are identified and determine the path to secure such funds.

Communicating the Challenging Issues

With the crush of changes brought on by health reform, the pressure to reduce costs and the need to show added value in a highly competitive marketplace, health care providers can no longer assume that you have a positive reputation or that the public – or your own employees — will understand when you make difficult choices about staffing, services, structure and community benefits.

Our expert team has successfully helped dozens of hospitals and systems communicate complex issues.

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