Lori Chovanak, MN, DNP-S

Vice President, Network Management and Development

Lori headshotLori Chovanak is Vice President, Network Management and Development at Strategic Healthcare. Prior to joining Strategic Healthcare, Lori was the CEO of the Ohio Nurses Association, President/CEO of the Ohio Nurses Foundation, and Executive Director of Montana Nurses Association. In these executive positions, Lori was responsible for programmatic oversight of health policy and government relations, a political contributing entity, nursing practice, continuing education, labor relations, fundraising, and organizational strategic development. Lori lead successful legislative campaigns, carried the organizations through a digital transformation, and lead bold strategies for governance structure, dues, and membership redesign.  Lori not only brings expertise through executive leadership, but also through active influential involvement with the American Nurses Association, Ohio Board of Nursing, Ohio Action Coalition, Ohio Association of Advanced Practice Nurses, and through her networking efforts statewide with other professional associations, both representing nursing and healthcare as a whole.

Lori has been a registered nurse for over 25 years and is a nurse practitioner working on a contingent basis at Ohio Health in cardiology. She is also an adjunct faculty member at Carroll College in Helena, Montana where she teaches management and leadership to senior nursing students. She has a master’s degree from University of Montana in clinical nurse leadership and is looking forward to graduating with her doctorate in May 2019 where her research is focused on the views and confidence levels of nurses to engage political advocacy.

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