State Relations – OH

In Ohio and across the nation, the health care delivery system is one of the most heavily regulated industries, with a multitude of state agencies and legislatures effecting measures that have profound influence on health care providers’ delivery of care, day-to-day operations, and reimbursement for services. As such, it is vital that providers have a voice in the development of public policy to assure that their concerns are taken into consideration as these policies are formed and revised.

Strategic Health Care was founded in Ohio.  It has a strong government relations presence in Columbus and represents a wide variety of health care interests there.  Led by a team of experienced government relations specialists with strong Ohio roots, the firm has established itself as a leader in health care policy by providing access to key state legislators and agency directors involved in the development of health care policy.

The guiding philosophy of our consulting approach is to bring long-term value to the client relationship, anticipating our clients’ needs and performing beyond their expectations. While we pride ourselves on being problem solvers when engaged in legislative initiatives—a reflection of the skills and talents of our highly experienced and respected staff—we are oriented to long-term relationships rather than “quick fix” engagements in order to help our clients create lasting, outcome-oriented solutions to current problems while at the same time creating the capacity to successfully address and resolve future challenges.

Strategic Health Care offers the following state government-relations services:

  • Developing a government-relations strategic plan that identifies a client’s legislative and regulatory initiatives and charts the course for successful, results-oriented outcomes;
  • Analyzing health care legislation as it is introduced and providing clients with up-to-date information on bill activity as it relates to their needs;
  • Orchestrating meetings with key legislators and regulators to create opportunities for clients’ perspectives to be shared;
  • Tracking health care regulations as they are developed or updated and seeking clients’ input;
  • Assisting with the creation of opportunities for clients to testify on health care legislation and provide help drafting testimony and preparing presentations; and
  • Monitoring on a daily basis legislative newspapers, websites, and other sources to stay on top of legislative and regulatory activity.

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