Fundraising Services

Fundraising—whether it be a capital campaign, comprehensive annual campaign, large corporate ask, or private foundation request—entails the development and fulfillment of a detailed strategy. Today there are more organizations seeking support than ever before. As a result, funding dollars are often scarce. In order to thrive in such a climate, it is essential to distinguish one’s organization or cause from the competition. Unlike the rest of the business world, which has become highly dependent on impersonal communication, effective fundraising requires developing and nurturing a close personal relationship with the targeted audience. Often, organizations succeeding in this regard are rewarded in the form of funding dollars for their due diligence. The Fundraising Services of Strategic Health Care are designed to guide, direct and mentor organizations through the fundraising process. These services include:

  • Capital campaign feasibility
  • Determining internal readiness
  • Performing an external audience assessment
  • Capital campaign support and management
  • Providing pre-campaign support and management
  • Offering ongoing campaign support and counsel
  • Fundraising program establishment
  • Guiding the strategic planning process and program benchmarking
  • Developing staff and volunteer structures
  • Foundation development
  • Developing a code of regulations
  • Providing guidance as the volunteer board of trustees is formed
  • Advising through the filing process

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