Federal Grants, CMS Pilots & Demos


The Federal government continues to offer tens of billions of dollars each year in grants opportunities to hospitals and health systems. Our federal grants division of 35 professionals has an unparalleled success rate and today works with dozens of health care organizations securing funding for programs, equipment and research.

  • Grant Readiness Assessment

Our Readiness Assessment provides your team with the building blocks necessary to establish a successful grants program. Our experts will make a multi-day site visit to your facility to conduct interviews with your key staff, as well as review your current processes. Our detailed final report outlines how to maximize your capabilities and federal agency opportunities.

  • Federal Grants

Federal grants – more than $80 billion worth of healthcare grants this year alone – are where most of the discretionary funding is today. $55 billion of that supports programs and services, the rest funds research. Our 35 grant writers, researchers and editors have successfully secured several hundred million dollars for hospitals.


  • CMS Pilot/Demo Analysis and Application Preparation

CMS is changing the way it pays for services and it is using new pilot and demonstration projects to test innovations. Our team’s expertise includes ACOs, Medicare Bundling, Comprehensive Primary Care and all other CMS demos. Our firm has successfully enrolled seven hospital organizations in new demo programs. Our policy team will help you take the following steps to pursue these opportunities:

  • Review all the government’s pilot/demo opportunities with health system executives.
  • Identify the program(s) that best align with the health system’s business strategy.
  • Outline the necessary steps to prepare for an application to CMS. Our team has developed a comprehensive Logic Model to help you determine your readiness.
  • Work with your staff to prepare a successful application.


  • CMS Innovation Center – Readiness Assessment

CMS has $8 billion to spend on innovative programs that improve care and save CMS money. We have developed a two step tool for assessing whether your program would be fundable. We can help you develop sophisticated communications that position your program with the Innovation Center as meeting CMS’ triple aim goals, as well as submit a successful Innovation Center application.

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