Association Management

SHC Association Management Services

There are more than 70,000 nonprofit trade associations in the U.S., and some 2,000 of them represent medical and health-related industries. We have observed that competing demands on limited financial resources often serve to stifle an association’s ability to successfully pursue its agenda and programs. To overcome this challenge, a number of health care associations have turned to the talented team at Strategic Health Care to serve as a cost-effective solution for comprehensive association management. We enable a growing organization to garner the benefits of a full-service association at a fraction of the cost of building its own administrative infrastructure.

Our services include training and education, communications and marketing, accounting and bookkeeping, data collection and analysis, and quality benchmarking, and are administered by seasoned association managers and other professionals. Many of our staff members have health care expertise as well. We know our clients’ businesses, and we understand the particular needs of health care professionals. We have extensive experience building organizations’ memberships and endowments, organizing special events, and securing federal, state, corporate, and foundation grants. Strategic Health Care brings the sum of its experience to the table for its clients and offers significant cost savings by sharing resources among multiple organizations.

Strategic Health Care has distinguished itself with its spectrum of comprehensive association management services, tailored to meet the needs of an organization that may be under development, newly formed, short-staffed, or simply desirous of special assistance in targeted areas such as membership growth and retention, public relations, or government advocacy.

Strategic Health Care’s Association Management professionals offer the following services:

  • Executive management
  • Government relations
  • Meeting, conference and convention planning and management
  • Public relations
  • Financial management
  • Educational program development, including continuing education units
  • Membership coordination
  • Newsletters and other communications
  • Data/information/benchmarking services
  • Grants development
  • Fundraising
  • Other administrative services

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